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Now CNG Tractors will run on farms, to be launched tomorrow, know its specialty


Now CNG Tractors will run on farms, to be launched tomorrow, know its specialty 1

New Delhi. India is called an agricultural country. In such a situation, the government is going to launch CNG Tractor to increase farming. This will reduce the cost of farmers. There will also be an increase in income. Rawmatt Techno Solutions & Tomasetto Achille India has converted the tractor to CNG. It will be launched by Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari tomorrow.

These benefits will be from CNG tractor
1. As CNG is cheaper than diesel and other fuels. In such a situation, the use of CNG fitted tractors will also help in increasing the income of farmers.
2.CNG tanks are tight sealed. Therefore, the scope of explosion is very low during refueling.
3. CNG is also beneficial in controlling pollution. Because it reduces carbon emissions significantly.
4. It is converted with new technology. Therefore, the life of CNG engine will be longer than conventional tractors.
5. Mileage of CNG tractors will also be much higher than diesel. Therefore, the use of this will reduce the expenses of farmers on fuel.
6.NAG fitted tractors do not contain lead content. It is also pollution free. Due to this, the engine will work for a long time.
7. Maintenance cost will also be less than that of a fuel tractor. This will save money.

12 million vehicles containing CNG
Currently around 12 million vehicles worldwide are already powered by natural gas. Every day more and more companies are manufacturing SENG fitted vehicles to control pollution and reduce the expenditure on petrol and diesel. This is the first such tractor in India to be equipped with CNG.


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