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Now only Made in India AC will be sold, government banned import


Now only Made in India AC will be sold, government banned import 1

new Delhi. Relations on the economic front of India and China are steadily weakening after the violence in the Galvan Valley. While the general public and trade organizations are running anti-sugar product campaigns, on the other hand, the Indian government is also prohibiting the entry of sugar products and companies. Now the Indian government has issued a gazette notification prohibiting the import of air conditioners after refrigerators. Let us also tell you what decision has been taken by the government.

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Big decision taken by the government
The central government has now banned the import of air conditioners after refrigerators. There are more reasons behind this than just jerking China economically. The government is trying to promote domestic manufacturing. At the same time, the government is also emphasizing that the import of non-essential goods should be reduced while reducing the import bill. Because of which a big decision has been taken regarding the air conditioner. In the Gazette notification issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, the policy has been changed regarding the import of air conditioners with refrigerators. Under this change, this product has now been removed from the free category and put in the ban list.

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Ban has also been imposed on the import of these products
Earlier, the government has banned the import of more goods. In fact, this ban has been imposed by the government so that these products can be manufactured at the domestic level as much as possible and the country can get rid of the burden of importing these goods. Earlier in June, the government banned the import of new pneumatic tires used in cars, buses and motorcycles.

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What is the mathematics of air conditioner coming from China
The arithmetic of air conditioners coming from China in the country is quite large. If you talk about the overall air conditioner market in India, then it is worth 5 to 6 billion dollars. Most of the total business is imported. In many cases, 85 to 100 percent of the air conditioner parts are imported. Talking about air conditioner, India imports 28% of its requirement from China.

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