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Now Trump will lose business, after Twitter, Facebook, these companies broke ties


Now Trump will lose business, after Twitter, Facebook, these companies broke ties 1

new Delhi. American history 2016 was first seen when a man with assets of more than 2 billion dollars became the President. Even now this is the first time that a President is being impeached for the second time. On both these occasions, the person is the same and that is Donald Trump. He is accused of making inflammatory speeches outside the US Capitol Building, which was followed by violent demonstrations by Trump supporters and killing 5 people. Now he is being impeached. However, his official time in the White House is less than a week away. On the other hand, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have already ended their relationship after this incident. Now the names of many more companies have come out, who have not only decided to end their relationship with Trump, but have also announced.

The New York City ended relations


The New York City has also announced the end of all business ties with Donald Trump. Announced by New York Mayor Bill the Blasio himself. According to Bill the Blasio, two ice skating rings, a swing in Central Park and a golf course in the Bronx, make $ 17 million a year.

PGA Tour also ends contract


On the other hand, PGA Tour has also terminated the contract from US President Donald Trump’s golf course. This is the second time in five years that he has ended a contract with New Jersey’s golf course. It was informed by PGA President Jim Richardson that he had finished the agreement with Trump’s golf course in New Jersey.

Twitch account closed


The streaming service Twitch suspended President Donald Trump’s account indefinitely citing violence in the US Capitol. The streaming platform said that Trump’s account has been closed for inciting violence.

Online payment service strike also ended contract


Online payment company Stripe has announced that the company prohibits users from promoting violence on its platform. Violated the user policy on behalf of such trumps. In such a situation, the company is now prohibiting transactions promoting Trump’s campaign.

Shopify closed online stores


The e-commerce site closed online stores selling Trump’s merchandise, including those officially related to the Trump campaign and the Trump Organization.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have already been banned
At the same time, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have previously closed Trump’s account indefinitely. He took this action only last week, while a provocative video of him was posted. After which shameful violence was seen outside the Capitol Building.

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