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Petrol becomes cheaper in Delhi, Kejriwal government cuts Rs 8 per liter


It is known that the government has reduced the VAT on petrol from 30 percent to 19.40 percent, so that petrol has become cheaper by eight rupees per liter at the petrol pumps of the capital. These new rates will be applicable from midnight tonight.

After this cut, petrol in Delhi can be sold at the rate of about Rs 96 per liter. So far its price is running at Rs 103.97. If we talk about diesel, here diesel is running at Rs 86.67 per liter.

Petrol price in a metro city came under Rs 100

After this cut in Delhi, the capital has become the only city in the country where petrol will be sold within Rs 100. Otherwise, petrol prices are running above Rs 100 in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. At the same time, there has been no change in the prices of petrol and diesel across the country for the last 27 days.

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Take a look at what are the prices of petrol and diesel in metro cities except Delhi-

Mumbai: Petrol – ₹109.98 per liter; Diesel – ₹94.14 per liter

Kolkata: Petrol – ₹104.67 per litre; Diesel – ₹89.79 per liter

Chennai: Petrol – Rs 101.40 per liter; Diesel – ₹91.43 per liter

Kejriwal government was under pressure to cut VAT

Last month, before Diwali, on November 3, the excise duty on petrol and diesel was cut by the central government. The government had reduced the excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 5 and 10 per liter respectively. The government had also asked the states to reduce VAT, so that more relief could be given to the common man. After this many states had reduced VAT on oil.

However, the Delhi government had not yet cut VAT in the capital, due to which the opposition party BJP was continuously attacking the government. At the same time, the central government had also clearly said that now the states will have to reduce VAT to reduce the prices.

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