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PM Modi gives 5 I formula for self-reliant India, India will regain its growth soon


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the industrialists through video conferencing to mark 125 years of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). During this he gave mantras for self-reliant India. He said that in order to make the country self-sufficient, it is necessary to focus on five subjects, these include Intent, Inclusion, Investment, Infrastructure and Innovation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in the midst of Corona crisis, we have to save the lives of the people of the country as well as stabilize the economy. India will regain its growth soon. He said, ‘We will get our growth back’. PM Modi said that ration has been delivered to the house of 74 crore people in the midst of Corona crisis. During the lockdown, the government has transported more than eight crore gas cylinders to the poor to their homes for free. The PF government has given 24 percent to 50 lakh employees of the private sector.

Self-reliant India means generating employment

In the program, the PM said that I have confidence in the country’s capacity, talent and technology, which is why we are confident that we will once again give a boost to the economy. Corona may have slowed down our speed, but India has entered the unlocked phase leaving the lockdown behind. At the same time, the PM assured the businessmen that he is standing with them and if you take two steps forward, the government will take four steps forward. He said that self-reliant India means creating jobs and creating confidence so that India’s stake can be strengthened in the global supply chain.

A farmer will sell crops in any state on his own terms

PM Modi said that farmers can now sell the crop in any state on their own terms. Now the crop can be sold through e-trading. This is going to open many new avenues. Similarly, labor reforms are also being done keeping our workers in mind. The PM said that the coal sectors have been freed from many types of restrictions, the rules of mining have been changed, which will help the people.

Made in India, Made for World

Take full advantage of investment in rural economy and opening the way for partnerships with farmers. Now, necessary infrastructure is being prepared for clusters of local agro products near the village. It has a lot of opportunities for all the members of CII. The PM said, ‘I will say with great pride that you have created hundreds of crores of industry of PPE kits within just 3 months.’ He said that now there is a need to make products in the country that are made in India, made for the world. How can we reduce the country’s imports, what new goals can be set? We have to set our targets to increase productivity in all sectors.

Private sector is the partner of development journey of the country

Our government considers the private sector as a partner for the country’s development journey. Your every need related to self-reliant India campaign will be taken care of. I constantly communicate with you, all stakeholders, and this will continue. The PM said that take a pledge to make the country self-reliant. Put your full strength to fulfill this resolution. The government stands with you, you stand with the goals of the country.

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