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Potato price rises by 4 rupees amid farmer agitation, 81% fall in a month


Potato price rises by 4 rupees amid farmer agitation, 81% fall in a month 1

new Delhi. Potato prices have seen a tremendous decline in the last one month in the midst of the farmer movement. According to the data received, wholesale prices of potatoes have come down by 81 percent in a month in the country’s capital Delhi. At the same time, other retail prices have seen a reduction of 50 to 60 percent. Which is a great relief for the people of the capital Delhi and NCR. Otherwise, the prices of potatoes reached above 60 rupees per kg. Let us also tell you how much the wholesale and retail prices of potatoes have become.

Wholesale price drop
The wholesale price of potato in Azadpur mandi of Delhi came down to Rs 4 per kg, which was Rs 22 per kg a month ago. Although this is the lower level of wholesale price of potato in the market, the upper level of wholesale price has also fallen by 50 percent. A month ago, where the wholesale price of potato was Rs 36 per kg in Azadpur mandi, which has come to Rs 18 per kg, it has fallen by 66 per cent in the last one month. The average wholesale price of potato in the mandi is Rs 9.75 per kg as compared to Rs 29.25 per kg a month ago.

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Retail price drop
On the other hand, the retail price of potato has also fallen by 50 to 60 percent. Currently, the retail price has been increased to Rs 20-30 per kg. Whereas, a month ago, retail prices of potatoes came to Delhi at Rs 50 to 60 per kg. Apart from this, in many areas of Delhi, the price of potatoes is also getting 100 rupees i.e. 5 kg for 100 rupees. Accordingly, the retail price of potato has come to Rs 20 per kg.

Supplies still affected
Traders said that due to the farmers’ movement, the arrivals are low, otherwise the prices of potatoes would have declined further. Potato arrivals in Azadpur mandi have come down to 943.6 tonnes. Which was 1,286 tonnes the day before. Market traders said that at present, the arrival of potato is mostly from Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, which is slightly affected by the farmer movement.

Government gave permission to import potatoes
Till a few weeks ago, the retail price of potato in Delhi-NCR was above Rs 50 per kg, which has now come down to Rs 25 to 30 per kg. Let us know that the price of potato skyrocketed before Diwali and to keep the price of potato under control, the central government decided to allow importing 1 million tonnes of potatoes at 10% import duty in October, while potatoes But the import duty is 30 percent.


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