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Relief news for Oyo employees, company announced full pay


Relief news for Oyo employees, company announced full pay 1

new Delhi: Due to Corona Pandemic, there have been reports of loss of companies and salary cuts of employees. Meanwhile, Oyo has made a great announcement regarding the salary of his employees. The company says that from August onwards, the company will pay full salary to employees across South Asia (SOUTH ASIA), including India.

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In fact, in the month of April, the company forcibly sent many of its employees to Leave Without Pay. A spokesperson for Oyo, the company that provides hotel facilities, said employees with annual incomes of up to Rs 8 lakh were being withdrawn from 1 August 2020. The rest of the employees’ salary cuts will also be withdrawn in a phased manner from October 2020.

It is to be noted here that the company had sent its employees on leave without pay for 4 months due to bad economic conditions, but now the company has decided to withdraw the salary cut.

There will be a salary cut The company had announced a 25 per cent pay cut in April-July 2020, but employees say that the company will get 12.5 per cent of the 25 per cent pay cut from October 2020 and the remaining 12.5 per cent from December 2020. Rohit Kapoor, CEO of India and South Asia businesses, announced this in a townhall meeting with employees.

These facilities were continuing Let me tell you that even though the company has sent the employees to LWP, the facility of medical insurance and patternal insurance, school fee reimbursement was continued to the employees sent on leave without pay. Not only this, the company had announced that if there is an unexpected medical emergency, then it will be helped in addition to medical insurance. At the same time, the company’s salary reduction policy did not affect the employees with salary up to Rs 5 lakh.


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