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Resource-rich country will have to be ready to take advantage: Amitabh Kant


Resource-rich country will have to be ready to take advantage: Amitabh Kant 1

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Expert View: Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog

(Apart from putting India and Kerala on the tourism map through initiatives like ‘Incredible India’ and ‘God’s Own Country’, Kant also implemented the campaign ‘Atithdevobhav:’.)

With the availability of Kovid-19 vaccine in a few months, the area which has the most potential for restoration and quick progress is travel and tourism. India will be the first choice of the tourism world after the Corona period. 72 percent of the country’s population is below 32 years of age and the average age is just 29 years.

In this sense, tourism is an area with great potential for future generations. There is a need to develop high-level infrastructure. Countries of cultural diversity will have immense opportunities due to India’s unmatched experience, rich heritage, efficiency in health care and ‘adventure tourism’.

Travel-tourism: country rankings encouraging

India’s travel and tourism sector rankings are encouraging. Much more remains to be done so that we can take advantage of the immense potential and employment availability of the region. In the coming decades, this region will be the carrier of incredible growth.

Heritage sites are looking for development

There are a large number of natural beauty and cultural heritage sites in the country. Many of them are victims of neglect or are looking for development. With proper development, these will prove to be unique and versatile tourist destinations. Tourism promotion campaigns have linked tourism possibilities with public awareness. This will give new dimensions to entrepreneurs and tourists. Also, the government will get opportunities to work together and develop in the area. Government of India has tied up with World Bank for a tourism development related project. Also, work done in the transport sector is equally important. This has facilitated traffic to the famous ancient sites of India.

Adventure and Wildlife tourism also have immense possibilities

100 tourism rails will be started in the near future, the Ministry of Shipping has taken steps to make travel pleasant by cruise and sailing. There have also been works related to highway, road and port development. 10 and 8 trillion rupees have been invested in the Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects respectively. Aiming to spend Rs 20,000 crore by 2022 before the Airports Authority of India, under which more than 70 regional airports will be developed. Indian airports will have to become global hubs with high value traffic. ‘NextGen Airports for India (Nabh) Nirman’ can also prove to be a game changer. This is expected to increase the number of aircraft passengers to 1 billion by 2030. Along with Yoga, Ayurveda, historical and ancient heritage sites, India should focus on adventure and wildlife tourism. There are immense possibilities in the lap of nature from the Himalayas to the islands. After the vaccine, opportunities can be found in many areas of tourism development, everything depends on our preparation.

Interview: Mukesh Kejriwal

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