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Tata Sons chairman explains how to deal with the second wave of Kovid-19


Tata Sons chairman explains how to deal with the second wave of Kovid-19 1

New Delhi. The outbreak of the second wave of Kovid 19 continues to grow. Due to which industry giants have again started worrying about the deteriorating condition of the country. This time a statement has come from Tata Sons Chairman N. Chandra Shekharan. He has said that the country needs to get the license of different Kovid vaccine. At the same time, India needs to produce as many vaccines as required.

He also described India’s current situation as worrying and frightening. He also emphasized that there is a need to closely monitor the tracing and vaccination speed and vaccine spalling of Kovid 19 in Dea. He said that locking down the national level to avoid Kovid may not be the solution. This will adversely affect the weak economy and society of the country.

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Need to get more licenses
Chandrasekaran while addressing a program said that the country needs more and more licenses so that more vaccine can be produced. When he was asked how he would have tried to deal with it if he had been entrusted with the responsibility, he called this question quite difficult and said that the country needs to produce vaccine at war level. He said that in order to increase the production level more investment needs to be made in a short period of time.

How can we increase production
He further said that the country will have to emphasize on how we can speed up the production of vaccine to meet its requirement. The current situation is quite serious and needs to be done as soon as possible. On April 13, the government expedited the process of approving emergency use of foreign vaccines. Emergency use of 3 vaccines has been approved so far in the country. Kovaxin of Bharat Biotech and Kovishield of Serum Institute of India are already being used for vaccination. Now Russia’s vaccine Sputnik V has also been approved.

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