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Tata Steel Share has grown more than 4 times in a year, market cap has increased by more than 1 lakh crores


Tata Steel Share has grown more than 4 times in a year, market cap has increased by more than 1 lakh crores 1

Tata Steel Share. Ratan Tata’s steel company Tata Steel is one of the highest-grossing companies. Ever since the company released its quarterly results, the shares of the company have been increasing more. If we talk today, Tata Steel’s stock is trading at a rapid pace of 5 per cent. Whereas in the last one year the company has given more than 4 times returns. The market cap of the company has seen an increase of more than one lakh crore rupees. Let us tell you that the quarterly results of Tata Steel were released on Wednesday. In which there was a 1600 percent jump in the company’s profit.

4 times earnings in a year
Tata Steel shares have earned more than four times in the last one year. At 9.30 am, the company’s stock was trading at Rs 1119.90 with a gain of nearly 5 per cent. While the share of the company was Rs 262.55 as on 18 May 2020. Which is a minimum of 52 weeks. Since then, the company’s stock has gained 4.25 times. If you talk about the past one week, the company’s stock has given 15.20 percent in one week, 30.32 percent in 1 month, 70.21 percent in 3 months and 400 percent in one year.

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The company’s market cap has increased by one lakh crore rupees
At the same time, if we talk about the market cap of the company, then in the last one year, it has increased by more than 1 lakh crore rupees. Talking about the figures, the company had a market cap of Rs 31,415.55 crore as it was at a 52-week low. Today, Subi reached Rs 1,34,002.17 crore at 9:30 pm. That is, since then, the company’s market cap has increased by Rs 1,02,586.62 crore. While in the business of 15 minutes, the company’s market has seen an increase of about 14 thousand crores.

1600% increase in Tata Steel’s profit
Tata Steel’s March quarter results were released on Wednesday. The company reported a net profit of Rs 6593.50 crore for the quarter. Whereas in March 2020, the company had a net loss of about 437 crores. This means a 1600 per cent jump in profit. Tata Steel’s board has also announced a dividend of Rs 25 per share. This dividend has been released for the financial year 2020-21.

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