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The world likes to buy TV of this company, has been ruling the hearts of everyone for 15 years


The world likes to buy TV of this company, has been ruling the hearts of everyone for 15 years 1

new Delhi. Television has become an important part of common people’s life in any part of the world. During the worldwide lockdown, television was the only way in which ordinary people spent their time. The most preferred means of entertainment will also be connected ahead of TV people. But do you know what company people like to buy television in the last world. The special thing is that for the 15th consecutive year, one can get the title of number one in terms of selling television. Let us also tell you which company is that?

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Can become number 1 for 15th consecutive year
Samsung Electronics will remain the world’s leading TV vendor for the 15th consecutive year. This was said in a report on Wednesday. Foreign media agency quoted market researcher Omdia as saying that South Korea Tech Company is expected to sell 4.902 crore TVs this year after shipping 3.392 million units in the first three quarters of this year.

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Some such sales figures can be
This estimate is 11.2 percent higher than the previous year and represents the largest annual sales numbers since 2014, when Samsung sold 5.29.4 million units during the Sochi Winter Olympics and Brazil World Cup. Omdia has projected 22383 million TV global TV sales this year, which is more than 22.291 million units sold last year. This figure is 3.8 percent higher than Omdia’s projection made in September and will mark the highest annual sales volume since 2015.


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