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Travel by airplane for only 899 rupees, you will get a voucher of 1000 rupees.


Travel by airplane for only 899 rupees, you will get a voucher of 1000 rupees. 1

new Delhi. For the past year, due to Corona virus, you will not be able to go anywhere. One reason for this is that the flight will not start. Now slowly everything is opening up. Your fear will be a little bit open. In such a situation, airline companies have started offering great sales and offers for domestic flights. Which has started with the festival of Lohri. The duration of which will continue till January 17. In fact, SpiceJet has started a book-free sale offer. In which she is giving a flight ticket for only 899 rupees. The special thing is that in this you are also being given a voucher of 1000 rupees. Also tell you what you are getting in this offer.

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Ticket booking starts in these months
According to the information given by SpiceJet, the book unsold sale offer has started from January 13, which will continue till January 17. Under which you can book tickets for travel anywhere in the country between 1 April 2021 to 30 September 2021. This offer will be applicable on one-way fare only. Which cannot be added on with any other offer. At the same time, it will not be applicable to group booking.

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It is getting facilities
– The domestic air flight fare in the offer will start from Rs 899.
– The date of the ticket can be changed without any charge.
– Ticket cancellation can also be done without any charge.
– SpiceJet has also announced a free ticket voucher separately.

What is flight voucher, how will you get benefits
– The price of the flight voucher will be equal to the base fair of the booked air ticket.
– Customers will be given a voucher of maximum Rs 1,000 per booking under this sale offer.
– These vouchers can be used later in air travel.
– Flight vouchers will be able to be used till 28 February 2021.
– They will be used only on domestic flights.
– This voucher can be redeemed on a fresh booking with a minimum transaction of at least Rs 5,500.


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