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Twitter followers of Biden couple’s accounts are zero, know the reason for this


Twitter followers of Biden couple's accounts are zero, know the reason for this 1

San Francisco. Twitter has changed its policy to remove all followers from the ‘POTUS’ and ‘Whats house’ accounts instead of transferring it as a part. The Trump accounts of the Trump administration have now been publicly archived, including ‘POTUS 45’, ‘WHAT’S HOUSE 45’, ‘VP 45’, ‘PRESS SECRETARY 45’, ‘FLOTUS 45’ and ‘SECOND LADY 45’. Huh.

Twitter accounts updated
According to foreign media house reports, White House, President, Vice-President, First Lady and White House Press Secretary have now got their new usernames, such as ‘Transition 46’ has now become ‘White House’, while ‘Press Elect’ Biden ‘has now become’ POTUS ‘. Apart from these, the ‘Sen Kamala Harris’ account has now been converted to ‘VP’, while ‘Flautus Biden’ has been converted to ‘Flotus’.

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Something like this happened 4 years ago
When the Trump administration took over from Barack Obama’s administration in 2017, the microblogging site did exactly the opposite. Twitter duplicated existing accounts at the time and archived tweets and followers of the Obama era.

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What does Biden’s team say
According to the company, Biden’s transition team is being talked to on several different aspects regarding white house account transfers. On Wednesday, the report said that Biden’s teams were unhappy with the policy change as they would lose their digital advantage. ‘POTUS’ has 3.3 crore followers, ‘White House’ has 26 million followers, ‘FLOTUS’ has 16 million followers, while ‘Press Secretaries’ has 60 million followers.

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Trump has already had his account deleted
Donald Trump’s ‘POTUS’ account will now be renamed to ‘POTUS 45’, while his personal account named ‘Real Donald Trump’ has already been banned. Some objectionable and misleading tweets were the reason behind this. Since this ban, Trump lost many of his followers.

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