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Two rupee coin will make you a millionaire, know how?


Two rupee coin will make you a millionaire, know how? 1

New Delhi. Many times we do not give that much attention to coins and keep them in a box or anywhere. But now these coins can make you a millionaire. Yes, these coins can become the best way of earning your money.

Actually these days the trend of old notes and coins has increased a lot. Many currency collectors are ready to pay a lot of money in exchange for the desired notes and coins. This is the reason that even if you have a note or coin of their choice and need, then it can fetch you a good price.

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One such special coin of two rupees can fetch you a value of up to five lakh rupees. That is, you can become a millionaire overnight. You just have to work a little bit for it.

If you have a collection of old coins, then it can prove to be a very profitable deal for you. One such special coin of 2 rupees can make you a millionaire.


feature of the coin
This two rupee coin is made in the year 1994. The flag of India is on the back of this coin. The price of these rare coins has been fixed at Rs 5 lakh on the Quikr website. At the same time, before independence, the value of one rupee silver coin of Queen Victoria is 2 lakh rupees.

9 lakh rupees
Not only this, a similar one rupee coin is also of George V King Emperor 1918. The British coin has been priced up to Rs 9 lakh.

You can buy and sell coins here
The e-commerce website Quickr is a great way to buy and sell these coins. However, the price can also be increased by negotiation or negotiation with the buyer. Old coins are being bought and sold on sites like Olex apart from Quikr.

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Coins can be sold like this
You got to know where the coins will be sold and where they are being bought. Now know how these coins will be sold.

If you have such coins and want to sell them, then first you have to go to the site and register. Click on the coin’s photo and upload it to the site.

Buyers will contact you directly. From there you can sell your coin according to the terms of payment and delivery.


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