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UBS’s $ 150 million funding makes Baiju India’s most valuable startup


UBS's $ 150 million funding makes Baiju India's most valuable startup 1

New Delhi. Online Teaching App Biju has become the most valuable startup in the country. The biggest contribution of which is UBS’s $ 150 million funding. According to the information, UBS is in the news due to doubling its rupee. In such a situation, she will try to earn double profits from her investment with Biju. Before this, we have also taken an investment from Facebook. Baiju is an online education startup started by Bangalore-based Baiju Ravindran. Ravindran is also a third owner of the company.

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There is no shortage of Biju users in India
Some time ago, Founder Ravindran said in a media interview that children are going to school due to the Kovid 19 epidemic. Now he and his parents have got used to online teaching. In this way, more than 80 million people in India are using the Biju app. He also informed that Baiju has started teaching coding to children in India as well as in USA and Australia.

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Byju is also teaching in these countries
Byju is not only teaching in India but also in other countries of the world. The effect of Kovid 19 has also appeared in other countries. There too, the trend of online teaching has increased much earlier. In such a situation, Biulu has started giving her math and coding classes abroad. He is teaching coding in the US, UK, Australia and Mexico. In the coming days, it can be started in other countries as well.


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