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Use of empty roof can earn millions, these business plans can work


Use of empty roof can earn millions, these business plans can work 1

new Delhi. Due to lack of jobs in the market, most of the youth are making a move towards business, but due to high investment, many people are unable to start their own start-ups even if they want to. If you are also struggling with such problem then you do not need to take tension. Because you can earn millions just by using the empty roof of your house. In this, apart from installing solar plant, you can run many other businesses. You will also get help from the government in many schemes. So what do those business ideas know?

Solar plant is a better option
You can earn good money by installing a solar plant on the empty roof of the house. You can sell electricity generated from it to a government or private company. Apart from this, you can also hire companies to install roof solar panels of your house. You can contact your area DISCOM through a solar policy operated by the government. In this, you will get money according to the unit on selling electricity.

Earn from mobile tower
You can give the roof of your house to install mobile towers. With this you can earn strong income every month. In this, you will also get a lump sum from the company. However, before installing it, you have to get a No Objection Certificate from the people of the neighborhood. Also, permission has to be taken from the local municipal corporation.

Organic Terrace Farming
In view of the lack of space in urban areas, the practice of terracing farming has increased a lot nowadays. People want to eat organic vegetables. In such a situation, the roof of your house can be used for farming. Irrigation with a drip system will not damage the roof of the house. Also, not much water will be required. There will be no need to invest much in this by using Kokopit and other modern irrigation.

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