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What is the name of Facebook about to change? The company is trying to fulfill the dream of Mark Zuckerberg, may be rebranding


What could be the new name?

It has been told in the report that the new name of the company has been kept very secret, even very senior officers are not aware of it. But it is believed that its name may be Horizon or something related to it because the company is already working on a virtual reality version of Facebook with this name.

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What is Mark Zuckerberg planning?

Just in July this year, he had given a glimpse of his big plan. Facebook is going to create a virtual world and it has been preparing for it for a long time. Mark Zuckerberg had said that his company was going to be a metaverse company in the next five years instead of being primarily a social media company. That is, Mark Zuckerberg no longer wants to be known only for Facebook, but he wants to be known for creating a metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg has been talking about the concept of the Metaverse for some time. Metaverse is Facebook’s plan, under which it will create a virtual reality world. In this, a platform for social connectivity will be created in a virtual environment. Under this technology, anyone will wear virtual reality glasses and feel that they are talking face to face with a friend, even if their friend is sitting thousands of miles away and both are simply connected to each other through the internet.

Facebook just this week announced the creation of more than 10,000 jobs to work on this project. In a blogpost from Facebook, it was said that “this metaverse has the potential to open doors to new creative, social and economic possibilities and Europeans will work to shape it from its inception.” Today we are announcing the creation of 10,000 highly skilled jobs in the European Union over the next five years.

This won’t be the first time…

Facebook will not be the first company to change its name to rebranding. Google has already done this. The company, which started as a search engine, launched Alphabet Inc. in 2015. Started the company and made it its holding company. Under this, the company is no longer just a search engine, it has become a conglomerate company, which has its presence in many areas.

After the rebranding of Facebook, like Google, Facebook’s social media app will also become a product like its other platforms.

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