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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will affect the users: know from these questions and answers

WhatsApp's new privacy policy will affect the users: know from these questions and answers

WhatsApp’s new policy will be effective from May 15, but there is no option to reject it.

new Delhi:

WhatsApp’s 34 crore users in India are watching the new privacy policy very closely and asking questions. An app that is very popular in India. In the new privacy policy (WhatsApp New Privacy Policy) WhatsApp users have been asked to agree to the new data sharing policy, without which you cannot use the app. Under this, permission has been given to share data of business interaction with Facebook. This has become a matter of great debate, because no one can reject this option of data sharing. Regarding this, users are very apprehensive and worried about their private chat or photo-video messaging platform. Amidst all the doubts, we have answered some such questions running in the minds of the users.

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Question – Will WhatsApp share your personal chat with Facebook?

Answer: No, any communication, photo, message, call or video with family, friends or others will not be affected under the privacy policy. WhatsApp is not viewable in any way, as they are encrypted.
Q – Which WhatsApp users’ data will be shared?

Answer 2. This is primarily metadata and metadata is different from normal data. WhatsApp shares these things: information related to the mobile device such as its operating system, phone model, screen resolution, IP address, language, location (city only), home or place .. Users need to note that the main policy The change is about messages sent to a WhatsApp business account. If the user chooses not to communicate with a business account, then no data will be shared with Facebook except the metadata.

Question- What action is the Indian government taking in the case of WhatsApp?

Answer 3. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has contacted WhatsApp and said that it should not change its privacy policy. On this, WhatsApp has said that they will take transparency in this matter and there will be new options to communicate with business account (business account) so that they can better serve their customers.


Question – How will it affect the users?

If considered from the point of view of users, its biggest impact will be more targeted ads on Facebook or its other apps. That is, ads will be shown based on your likes and dislikes and other habits. More related advertisements will be shown on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp based on your browsing, search history. Apart from this, if you will chat with WhatsApp from any business or company like Makemai Trip, Croma Book My Show, etc., Facebook can share more of your data, so that partners can offer special services on their platform.
questions. Is it mandatory to accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp?

answer. As of now, the option of staying out of the new privacy policy that comes into effect from May 15 cannot be opted. WhatsApp has not told what will happen if you do not accept it. However, he has assured that no account will be closed.
questions. Are there other alternatives to WhatsApp that can be selected?

There is an app like Signal and Telegram, Signal app is very cautious about privacy, Telegram has mixed features, there is also an option to communicate privately.

Question.If the most important thing is, whether users should keep using WhatsApp

For now, of course, even the track of metadata is correct and the users have no problem. WhatsApp has two billion users in the world, there is no problem in using it until the situation is clear in a few weeks.

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