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Wipro missed making records due to only 52 paisa, now may take a long time


Wipro missed making records due to only 52 paisa, now may take a long time 1

new Delhi. On Wednesday, Wipro’s share price missed its record breaking 20-year-old all-time hike due to a paucity of just 52 paise. The special thing is that the company’s stock once again touched a new level of 52 weeks. Currently, the company’s stock is falling by more than 1 percent. At the same time it will be difficult to say anything when the defaults due to lack of 50 paise will be made.

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52 shortage of money
Wipro’s stock was overflowing yesterday. Due to which the price was also increasing. Due to which the stock of the company reached 387.60 rupees. There was hope that the company’s stock would break its all-time record, but it could not happen. He missed out on matching the old record with a difference of only 52 paise. Expectations were still being made today, as the company started with Rs 187.35.

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Story of 20 years ago
The company’s stock set an all-time hike record 22 years from now on 22 February 2000. The share price of the company at that time had reached Rs 388.12. Since then, the shares of the company have not seen such a high level till now. There was hope on Wednesday and Thursday, but the difference of only 52 paise left investors disappointed.

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Currently we are seeing a decline
At the same time, Wipro shares are witnessing a decline. At 12 noon, the company’s stock is trading at Rs 382, ​​down 0.88 per cent, or Rs 3.40. Whereas today the company’s stock started with Rs 387.35. Which is also the highest level today. While the stock of the company reached the day’s low with Rs 378.75.


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