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Wipro set a record on his 75th birthday, was waiting for this day for 20 years


Wipro set a record on his 75th birthday, was waiting for this day for 20 years 1

new Delhi. For the day that Wipro and its investors were waiting for, perhaps Destiny had chosen a special day. Today is that special day. Today, Wipro has completed 75 years. On this occasion, the share buyback offer of Wipro has also started. The special thing is that Wipro’s stock has broken its 20-year-old record today. This means that the shares of Wipro have touched a new level of 52 weeks, as well as set a new record of all time hike. However, last week the company’s stock had lost 52 paise only to break this level.

Company’s share reached all time hike
The share price of the Wipro company reached its all-time hike during the trading session today. The stock rose to Rs 390.40 when the company’s stock was trading up by 1.93 per cent, ie Rs 7.55. After that there was light profit booking in the shares of the company, but did not go to the red mark. Earlier, the company’s stock price opened at Rs 384.75 on Tuesday. During the trading session, the share price also touched a day’s low of Rs 383.25. The company’s stock closed at Rs 382.85 on Monday.

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Record of all time was made 20 years ago
The company’s stock set an all-time hike record 22 years ago on February 22, 2000. The share price of the company at that time had reached Rs 388.12. Since then, the shares of the company have not seen such a high level till now. The way IT stocks were seeing a boom during the lockdown, it was expected that the company’s stock would break this record soon.

145 percent faster since March
According to media reports, Wipro’s stock has given a return of 145% since March. The company’s stock fell to Rs 159.60 on 19 March 2020, which is also a 52-week low. Since then, the stock of the company has seen a rise of Rs 230.80. That is, the company’s share price has given a return of 145 percent. According to experts, the next target of the company’s shares is around 412 rupees. Which is expected to be touched soon.

Buyback offer of the company started
The company’s 9500 crore buyback offer has started. The company has planned to buy 23.75 crore shares. Whose base price is kept at Rs 400. This buyback offer of Wipro ends on January 11, 2020. This is the fourth buyback offer from the company in five years.


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