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Work 4 days a week, 3 days off, these changes will be in the new labor code from PF to gratuity

Work 4 days a week, 3 days off, these changes will be in the new labor code from PF to gratuity

Under the new code, there will be changes in many rules, including working hours and PF

working hours, PF, facilities, if the government believes that the new Labor Code is implemented, then there will be a new improvement in the labor market. On the same issue, Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Apoorva Chandra said in a special conversation with NDTV that there are four labor codes, which have been notified. Action is going on over the rules. We are at the final stage of decision. We can apply these codes anytime. These rules, which have been in operation for 70 years, will change the law. The new laws are of international standard. In this, the facility of working for 4 days and 12 hours of work and the convenience of 3 days’ leave has also been talked about.

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Under this, the facilities of labor and employees have been taken care of. Employment is also expected to increase. With this, Labor will get incentive to increase the skills. The code says that you should not work more than 48 hours in a week on working hours. Overtime should be given for doing more work than this. In the same way, you cannot work more than 125 hours of overtime in 3 months. If you want to work for 4 days, then consider it and leave it for 3 days (optional). If the workers and the employees agree, then we are making a provision to keep this flexibility.

Work from home: Standing orders have been drawn for IT and other such services, in which there is a provision of work from home, this facility is kept in the new code.

There is no talk of increasing it in the category of ESIC Income Group, but those who go a little over 21 thousand, their benefits are lost. We will make a separate scheme of how to take them forward.

Allowance : Some people say that there are many allowances not included in the definition of wages, and according to the definition of the allowances, if the wages increase, then the company will have to pay more gratuity or PF and the work home salary of the workers will be reduced. So inside the rule we are trying to solve it.


PF: If PF is above 15 thousand, then PF employees and company can decide among themselves, there is no bond in it. In gratuity, we will try to rule that both are benefited.

He further said that we are fully prepared for the Labor Code. Our effort is for those who work in unorganized sectors, who are platform E workers, or who are associated with Ola Uber, Amazon etc., in this, the platform is going to contribute something. The first attempt will be to give them healthcare and other facilities through ESIC. It is an effort to provide health facilities to the workers associated with construction through the Ayushman Bharat Scheme.

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