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You also benefit, girls get 36000 rupees in this government scheme!


You also benefit, girls get 36000 rupees in this government scheme! 1

New Delhi. The daughter of the country should read and write, every area should be competent and the name of the country should be brightened, so that there is no economic crisis of any kind in their progress, the government is running many schemes. In the country’s capital, Delhi, a very special scheme is run for daughters. The name of this scheme is Delhi Ladli Scheme. This scheme gives financial help on many stages till the birth of daughter.


What is ‘Ladli Yojana’?
All the girls born in Delhi will be given the benefit of the Ladli scheme so that there is no hindrance in their education. Girls can stand on their feet. The scheme provides financial support at many stages until the girls are educated after birth. The objective of this scheme is to get financial help for the education and education of girls, so that they do not depend on anyone. Female feticide can also be controlled.


Who benefits from the Ladli scheme?
-If a girl is born in a NCT hospital / nursing home in Delhi, she gets a benefit of Rs 11,000.
-If the girl is born outside the home or hospital, then she gets assistance of Rs 10,000.
– The applicant must be a resident of Delhi for three years before the girl is born.
– Annual income of the applicant should not exceed Rs 1 lakh.
-If the girl goes to school then the school must be Delhi Government / MCD / NDMC recognized.
-The family only gets two daughters.
Under this scheme, after taking admission in the school, financial assistance of 5000 rupees, 5000 in class 6, 5000 in class 9, 5000 in class 10 and 5000 in class 12.

Documents for eligibility of Ladli Scheme
Three years residence proof, ration card, electricity bill in Delhi.
– Parent’s Income Certificate
Birth certificate of the girl
– Family photo
-Applicant’s caste certificate
Aadhar card of both child and parents


Where to contact for planning
-You can contact State Bank of India
Contact a government or recognized school
Contact in the office of Social Welfare Department

Online application for Delhi Ladli Scheme

If you want to take advantage of Delhi Ladli scheme for your sister or girl, then you should call the toll free number of SBI or the concerned WCD district office. SBI Toll Free Number: – 1800229090.


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