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20 lakh crore package announced, call for buying local things


20 lakh crore relief package announced: An economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore was announced by PM Narendra Modi. Announced the self-reliant India campaign. PM Modi said that this big package was announced to give India a place in the global supply chain. PM Modi said that this economic package will serve as an important link to the self-reliant India campaign. This will provide new energy to the country’s farmers, laborers and the middle class to industries. He said that if the decisions of the RBI were in the past and add to the economic package that is being announced today, it is about 20 lakh crore rupees. This package is about 10 percent of India’s GDP.

In his 33-minute address, PM Narendra Modi said that at a time when the great powers of the world have been shaken, then we saw the resolve of the poor brothers and sisters of the country. The street vendors, laborers and the poor people working in the houses have made great sacrifices. Now our duty is to push them forward, they should be supported. Therefore, the government has announced some important packages for every section.

Modi said, once today’s global brands were also local: At the time of crisis, this local has saved us. Local is not just our need but our need. Time has taught us that local we must make our life a mantra. Today, what we think are global brands, they were also local in a similar way. But when the people of those countries used them, they became global from the product local. From today onwards every Indian has to become a vocal for their local. We not only have to buy local products but also promote them proudly.

Now the only mantra is self-reliant India: In his address to the nation, PM Modi said that this economic package is for our cottage industry, home industry, our small-scale industry, which are the means of livelihood of crores of people, which are the strong basis of our resolve for self-reliant India. He said that land, labor, cash and law have all been emphasized in this package. Giving the mantra of self-reliance, he said that today’s situation of the world teaches us that its path is one – self-reliant India.

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