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3rd quarter results and corona vaccination will boost market share


3rd quarter results and corona vaccination will boost market share 1

new Delhi. The country’s stock market will be driven by the quarterly results released by major companies this week, foreign preparedness along with Corona vaccination preparations. Apart from this, the market will also keep an eye on the prices of crude oil in the international market, the movement of the domestic currency rupee against the US dollar and the trends of foreign investors towards investment in India. The domestic stock market has been buoyed by foreign signals over the past week and continued to rise at a weekly level since November. The impact of foreign signals may also be seen in the coming business week.

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Quarterly results will come from many companies
At the same time, the market will pick up from the quarterly results released since last week. The major IT sector companies such as Infosys, Wipro, HCL Technologies are scheduled to release their financial results for the third quarter of the current financial year. The financial results of Infosys and Wipro will be released on Wednesday, while the financial results of HCL Technologies will be released on Friday.

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Vaccination program will also effect
Corona vaccination or vaccination program is going to start in the country later this week. Experts say that the preparation of the vaccination program will create an atmosphere of excitement in the domestic stock market. However, the impact of Corona outbreaks and restrictions imposed to prevent it will also be on the stock market.

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China and America will release data
At the same time, on the foreign front, China will release the inflation data for the month of December last month. Then in the US, inflation data for December will be released on Wednesday. After this, the December data of retail sales in the US will be released on Friday. Investors will also keep an eye on these figures. The main reason for the continued boom in the domestic stock market has been the money of foreign portfolio investors. The market will also keep an eye on the investment trends of foreign investors as well as domestic institutional investors.


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