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5G in India Set for Trail



  • Indian government decides for trail of 5G in India. Huawei is also allowed for the trials informed the telecom minister.
  • 5G in India to be launched and active by the year 2022 according to the Ericsson reports.
  • 5G in India is believed to act as a catalyst to bring revolutionary changes in future technology.

The Indian government has been making plans for starting the 5G trials from quite some time now. The Indian government has decided on 31st December to allow all the makers to participate in the 5G trials. Huawei has also got permission to participate in these trials.

The telecom minister of India has informed the reporters on Monday saying, “5G trials will be done with all vendors and operators,” and further said that, “We have taken an in-principle decision to give 5G spectrum for trials.” 

Also, the IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad at Rajya Sabha informed that the 5G network framework is in its final stages by the centre.

Fifth Generation Technology is believed to be the next-generation technology that will be acting as a catalyst to bring revolutionary changes in the Internet Of Things (IoT). The Vice President of India and SAARC, Nutnis, Balakrishnan Anantharaman said,” With legacy three-tier architectures already struggling to cope with high volumes of data generated by today’s enterprises, 5G will be the catalyst that drives edge computing and IoT,” and further added, “As increased speed and bandwidth reduce the gap between wifi and cellular devices — edge computing will come into a realm of its own,” 

NASSCOM reported that the IoT industry in India has the potential and is expected to reach $9 billion by the end of the year 2020. Globally the market predicts to touch the mark of $300 billion by the end of the year 2020. 

5G in India And AI-Driven IoT

Now that trails of 5G in India are about to start, and it will not be far when 5G becomes a reality. Once the 5G gets launched, it is expected to make revolutionary changes in innovation or other technologies. As per the report by Ericsson, 5G network will be working by 2022 in India. And to make 5G to get launched early, the Indian government is focusing on the latest technologies. The strategy officer of NetApp, Atish Gude said, “2020 will see many players in the technology industry and business community invest in building edge-computing environments to support the reality of AI-driven IoT,”  

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