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Adnan Sami came to the target of Pakistani trollers, Singer gave a befitting reply, said – this time Hoja!


Singer Adnan Sami is a social media user who does not ignore trolling at all. Responds to the troller with a retort. Recently Adnan Sami made a tweet on which he started being trolled. Most of the people were from Pakistan. It started when the ‘Lift Kara De’ singer shared a clip of actor Ajith. It was written on the photo, Mona Darling, for your information let me know that tea has fallen on our shirt. Now that T-shirt is banned. Along with this, Adnan wrote in the caption Ajit ji was quite a cool person.

After this post by Adnan, many people started commenting. Many also trolled Adnan fiercely. One user wrote Hi Major, thank you for supporting, but what secret have you got from this. Adnan replied to this user and wrote that the son does not go above his knees by wearing a tie. If you put an attachment on the mite, it still remains mite, understand. next.

Another user writes that Adnan Sami, have you heard the name I have given you. Adnan replying to them writes that son, do not judge. He needs wisdom that is not in your DNA. And yes, google DNA. Now climb on the peg and get lost. next.

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Let us tell you that Adnan Sami is spending time with family at this time. He keeps posting old videos to entertain the fans. Fans are also very fond of them.

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