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Kajal Raghavani and Pawan Singh’s song ‘Chhalkat Hamro Jawaniya’ created a boom, got millions of views


Bhojpuri actress Kajal Raghavani and actor Pawan Singh’s song ‘Chhalkat Hamro Jawaniya A Raja’ is becoming very popular on YouTube. The song has received over 35 crore views so far. This song from the 2016 film ‘Bhojpuriya Raja’ was well liked by the people. But it is still clear from the views that this song is getting continuously that the audience still likes this song. This movie of Kajal and Pawan Singh is also uploaded on YouTube. Crores of people have also watched this movie. Pawan Singh has also given voice in the song ‘Chhalkat Hamro Jawaniya’. Apart from this, Priyanka Singh has given voice for Kajal Raghavani.

Another song from the pair of Pawan Singh and Kajal Raghwani, ‘Gir Geyal Odhni Ganna Ke Khet Mein’ is also being well liked. About 3 crore people have watched this song so far. This song has been lent by Pawan Singh and Kalpana. The lyrics have been written by Vinay Bihari and he has given the music. Kajal Raghavani is one of the actresses in the Bhojpuri industry who is well liked. Kajal Raghwani’s acting which has worked with Khesari Lal Yadav to Pawan Singh has been very much liked.

Kajal Raghavani is also very active on social media. She often shares photos and videos with her fans on Instagram. Currently, Kajal Raghavani is busy shooting for ‘Sasura Bada Satavela’ movie. Kajal Raghavani has become popular from Patna due to acting in Bhojpuri films like Pakistan, Deora Bheel Deewana, Jaaneman and Intakam.

Though Kajal Raghavani has worked with many legendary Bhojpuri actors including Dinesh Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh, Manoj Tiwari, Ritesh Pandey, but most of his movies are with Khesari Lal Yadav.

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