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#BanAashramWebseries trended on Twitter, know why people are protesting


On the day of Twitter, there is talk of buying something or banning something. This time the ‘Ashram’ web series has come to its end. #BanAashramWebseries started trending on Twitter on Wednesday from Achanak. During this, people tweeted that their religious sentiments have been hurt by this series. Many users tweeted with the hashtag #BanAashramWebseries and demanded the series be banned.

The Twitter handle of Janata Awaaz tweeted that Bobby Deol’s “Ashram” web series said that we are not hurting anyone’s feelings. While there will be no scene / dialogue of the movie in which the feelings of Hindus are not hurt. Does Prakash Jha have enough courage to make a film called “Masjid” or “Church”?

Similarly, another user Sandeep Kedia wrote that the Ashram web series is based on the faith of Hinduism, but he does not dare to portray such scenes on Christianity, Islam or other religions.

A Twitter handle named Kapila wrote that why we do not speak against those who are constantly targeting Hindus? Still Prakash Jha is releasing his next Ashram web series. Don’t you think we should say in unison now #BanAashramWebseries.

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