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Banking fraud is happening in these ways, easy steps to avoid fraud


Banking fraud is happening in these ways, easy steps to avoid fraud 1

Jaipur. Banks keep advising their customers from time to time to avoid any problems. The bank says that the customer should not share his debit / credit card PIN number or OTP with anyone. Despite the stringent regulations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks are often fraudulent. Fraud cases from banks are steadily increasing. Fraudsters find new methods every day. Digital transactions are a threat to customers as well as to them. The most targeted people are being used for using net banking, phone banking and mobile banking. Nowadays scammers are cheating people by phishing emails, SMS and phone calls and stealing their money.

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These days, cyber criminals are creating fake banking apps for new ways of stealing. During the download from fake banking app, users are unable to pay attention to which app is right and which is fake. Users do not know what to download. If users download such apps by deception, then cyber-criminal will break their hard earned money by making a dent in their account through net-banking.

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The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has shared an awareness video. Which explains how people can avoid such scams. If you too are saved from such scams, then keep these things in mind of NPCI…

– Do not share any details of your debit card and credit card. Especially do not reveal the information of OTP, UPI ID and PIN to anyone on the phone.
– Do not share your banking details on any unknown number to avoid SIM swap or SIM spoofing fraud.
– Never send money to verified source and try to make payment through secure gateway.
– Never share your transaction details, card details on social media platforms.
– Because it can be easily misused there.
– If you get any unauthorized transaction information about your bank account, then immediately inform it to the bank.


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