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Be it web series or theater, the story should be strong: Sushmita Sen


As an artist, actress Sushmita Sen is always looking for good work. They believe that the decisions they make make them responsible for their work. Actress Sushmita Sen has re-entered the world of acting after a long time with the web series ‘Arya’. His performance in this has also been appreciated. Interestingly, when she was looking for good projects to make a comeback in the industry, she rejected many projects before Arya. He agrees that people do away with you by not doing it very often.

She adds, “In this industry there is too much ego and it is not hidden from anyone. Every time you don’t do something, it becomes a problem for you. It may mean that you have a problem or you do not want to work. ”However, Sushmita does not think much about what people think of her. She says, “The decisions taken for me make me honest and responsible for my work. Then whether it is good, bad or very bad, whatever. I have chosen it, so it is my responsibility. Sometimes the types of work that came to me were not very good. Many times people say that we are giving you a chance to stay in this industry. Such things do not go with me. ‘

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Sushmita never targeted the film industry’s top five. But she admits that she is hungry for good work. Sushmita said, “As an actor I like to work in all kinds of environments. I like the atmosphere where instead of the reactions of -wah … what a shot is given, people can also tell me that I am doing wrong. I have been inspired by such an environment, otherwise I am like any other artist who is trying to stay in the game. ‘For Sushmita, the story and characters matter more than the medium. She says, “I think the medium does not excite me at my age. I am excited about the stories, the characters, the ways to present them better, whether it is on online mediums or in theaters, I don’t care much. ‘

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At a time when many people believe that social media has become very toxic, Sushmita feels that it is important to be like herself. She adds, “Even some kind of social media marketing cannot change it.” She adds, “I am not eager to create a ruckus on every issue. For example, every time something happens in the country, you feel it, pray for people. But if I have any kind of grief or any problem, there is no solution to shout it, I do not support this. Social media is a great place … It helps connect you beyond the boundaries, but if you use it to promote bad things and spread hatred, it’s quite sad. ‘

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