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Bezos kingship ends, now this business tycoon has taken the crown of being the richest in the world


Bezos kingship ends, now this business tycoon has taken the crown of being the richest in the world 1

New Delhi. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has held the crown of being the world’s richest for the last few years, but Bezos’ reign has come under threat. Which began in January this year, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk pushed him back and crowned him as the world’s richest. Now another business tycoon comes out to challenge this king. Which brought Bezos to second place for a short time on Monday. He is French businessman Bernard Arnault. Let us also tell you how much difference is there between Jeff Bezos and Bernard Arnault.

Bejos left behind on Monday.
Bernard Arnault became the richest man in the world, beating Jeff Bezos on Monday. His total assets had grown to $ 186.2 billion. As reported by Forbes, Jeff Bezos’ wealth had come down to $ 186 billion. By the way, Bernard Arnault could retain this crown for a short time. Jeff Bezos returned to the number one position again after Amazon’s shares gained momentum. But one thing has been proved that now the King of Jeff Bezos is no longer safe. Now anyone can challenge him. Currently, Jeff Bezos has total assets of $ 186 billion. Whereas Bernard Arnault has total assets of $ 185.6 billion.

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8 in the top 10 have $ 100 billion
The special thing is that among the top 10 rich people in the Forbes list, 8 rich have more than $ 100 billion in assets. On the other hand, the top 3 have more than $ 150 billion in wealth. Elon Musk has assets of $ 152.5 billion after Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos. Sergy Brin has $ 99.6 billion in assets and Amancio Ortega has assets of $ 89 billion if we talk of people sitting at number 9 and 10.


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