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Chicken prices can be up to 30 rupees, know the biggest reason for this


Chicken prices can be up to 30 rupees, know the biggest reason for this 1

new Delhi. The struggle to overcome the corona continues in the country, while now another dangerous disease has started. Bird flu starts with birds. Bird flu spreads faster than chicken. There is a very big rooster market located in Ghazipur, Delhi, where the shopkeepers are now looking worried. Millions of rupees are traded every day at the Murga Mandi in Ghazipur. There are about 88 shops in Murga Mandi, where chickens are traded and about 100 trucks of goods arrive daily. However, the outbreak of bird flu has upset shoppers.

Traders worried, will affect business
According to the traders, if this disease is not controlled, then the chicken business will make a big difference and the prices will fall. At present, this disease has spread to the states of Himachal and Kerala after Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. According to Mohammad Anas, who runs a shop in Ghazipur Mandi, there will be a huge difference in the prices of poultry due to bird flu disease. At the same time, people will stop eating cock. He further explained that this disease will also make a difference in the market. This is a matter of concern for us. Also, those who nurture the chicken will also be harmed. This way their expenses will not be met. Even the prices of chicken in the markets will fall completely.

Live rooster 30 rupees, meat will fall to 100 rupees
Actually speaking of the current situation, the price of live chicken in bulk is Rs 90 per kg. If the effects of the disease are seen, then these prices will come to 20-30 rupees. If a customer buys only chicken meat, he has to pay Rs 160 per kg. If this disease does not stop, then these prices will fall to Rs 100 per kg. Currently, the price of live hen in the market ranges from Rs 90 to Rs 95 per kg.

Only bring cock for sale after investigation
President of Ghazipur Wholesale Poultry Association, Salauddin said that so far there has been no bird flu case in our market. Also, where the goods come from us, there is no such information as of now. If the disease spreads, the business will come to a standstill. Our doctors here examine the chickens every day, and only after being examined, these chickens are introduced into the market.


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