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Investors earn huge gains as soon as new year starts, gains of 4.68 crores in 14 hours


Investors earn huge gains as soon as new year starts, gains of 4.68 crores in 14 hours 1

new Delhi. Today as soon as the stock market opened a new record. Since then, both the Sensex and the Nifty have seen ups and downs. At the same time, one thing is certain that the start of new year has been bang. Barring January 1 business, if you combine today’s business and profits with Monday and Tuesday, then the investors have made a profit of more than Rs 4.50 lakh crore in less than 14 hours of business.

Stock market pressure
The stock market is currently under pressure. Both the Sensex and the Nifty are seeing tremendous ups and downs. The Bombay Stock Exchange’s leading index Sensex is trading at 48459.54 points with a slight gain of 21.76 points. Whereas today the Sensex started with 48616 digits. The special thing is that this is the record of SENSEX. On the other hand, the National Stock Exchange’s leading index Nifty is trading at 14,210.40 points with a gain of 10.90 points. While in today’s trading session the Nifty had reached 14,244 points.

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Consumer and oil companies boom
Today the sectoral index is seeing a boom. The quarterly results of the consumer durables are showing better. Due to this, the consumer durables sector is trading with a gain of 443.95 points. At the same time, due to increase in the price of crude oil, the oil and gas sector is seeing a gain of 170.05 points. Bank Exchange and Bank Nifty are trading up by 115.44 and 105.40 points respectively. BSE Metal 113.78, Capital Goods 109.39, BSE PSU 77.36, BSE Auto 57.79 and BSE Healthcare are seeing a gain of 10.96 points. On the other hand IT 90, BSE FMCG 69.18 and BSE Tech are trading down by 21.76 points.

Rise and fall businesses
First of all, if GAIL India and ONGC are trading at the rate of 3 percent, then the stock is trading at a high rate. On the other hand, Titan and Indian Oil Corporation are seeing a gain of 2 percent. The stock of the country’s largest bank State Bank of India is trading up by 1.51 per cent. On the other hand, when it comes to the declining stocks, ITC shares have seen a fall of 1.42%. While the stock of Reliance Industries is trading down by 0.82 per cent. Hindustan Unilever is trading 0.80 per cent, Axis Bank 0.59 per cent and Eicher Motors down 0.55 per cent.

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Investors gain 4.68 lakh crore rupees
In the true sense, the stock market has started in the new year from Monday i.e. December 4. The market opened on December 1, but the investors did not see much action due to being in a festive mood. There was a market opening from December 4. Since then, till the market opened today, investors have made tremendous earnings. Today the Sensex opened at 48616 digits which is not only the day but the hike of all time. The market cap of BASE at that time was Rs 1,93,96,021.24 crore. While the market cap closed on December 1, the market cap was Rs 1,89,27,317.39 crore. The difference between the two days is Rs 4,68,703.85 crore. This is the benefit of investors.


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