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Cleansing of Max Healthcare on profiteering in the treatment of Corona, accuses allegations completely wrong


Max Healthcare said that the allegations being made about profiteering in the treatment of Kovid-19 are completely false. He said that the rate list which is going viral on Twitter regarding the treatment rates, does not include the whole facts.

Max issued this clarification at a time when the huge charges being levied by private hospitals for the treatment of Kovid-19 are on social media.

Max Healthcare said that its rates for Kovid-19 medical management with all inclusions are Rs 25,090 for economy, Rs 27,100 for twin sharing wards, Rs 30,400 for single wards, Rs 53,000 for ICUs and for ICUs with ventilators 72,500 rupees. This includes room rent, intensivist visits, senior consultant visits, nursing fees, routine medication and supplements for Kovid-19 treatment, other medical products and all routine pathology tests.

The hospital has said that we are treating around 1,000 Kovid-19 beds and have treated more than 2,000 Kovid-19 patients so far. Our 1,970 health workers are caring for patients 24 hours a day. Our 427 health workers have also fallen ill and have been admitted. We have a staff isolate of around 3,220. For the last two and a half months, they are also removed from work, yet we are serving continuously.

Yogesh Sarin, senior director and CFO of Max Healthcare, said that despite this, the accusation of profiteering on us is completely wrong. Our Saket-based hospital is fully treating Kovid-19 patients. Since May 2020, it is fully in the service of patients, but it is incurring heavy losses. This is also when we have cut the salary of many of our senior doctors and management people by 20 to 50 percent.

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