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After Shweta Tiwari, now husband Abhinav Kohli targets actress’s daughter Palak, posted this on social media


Shweta Tiwari revealed the rift with her husband Abhinav Kohli last year. He told that there is nothing right between him and Abhinav. After that, the matter was cool, but recently Abhinav shared a video of Shweta and her co-star, which many people lambasted.

Abhinav then said in an interview that he and Shweta have not separated and the two live together. Now Abhinav is sharing post on social media one after another. Earlier, Abhinav had posted about Shweta that Shweta had not lodged any complaint against him and now she has posted about Shweta’s daughter Palak Tiwari.

Abhinav has shared that post of Palak that Palak did in the year 2019 about Abhinav. Abhinaya shared a screenshot of Palak’s post and wrote, ‘Lovu (nickname of Palak Tiwari), why did you delete this post from Instagram?’

Earlier, Abhinav shared a screenshot of his conversation with Shweta. This chat is on 12 April. In this, Abhinav says, I have to go again tomorrow, the warranty card of the food processor fell somewhere.

Shweta messaging again, how it happened? And another message is Lovu (Palak Tiwari) also has to go. Abhinav says, yes, I will take Lovu tomorrow also.

Shweta writes again, tomorrow petrol has to be filled in my car, on which Abhinav writes, yes that is also work.

10 days later, she returned home from the hospital ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, that actress Mohina Kumari, but still Corona positive

Shweta said this on the statement with Abhinav

Shweta Tiwari said that I am not living with Abhinav. Nowadays, anyone speaks anything, it is printed and this shows how much lies people tell.

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