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Dhansu features are coming soon in WhatsApp, you will be able to login on many devices simultaneously


The messaging app WhatsApp has been testing multiple device support features for the past few months. Soon, users will be able to run their WhatsApp account simultaneously in more than one device. Apart from this, WhatsApp is preparing to add features such as in-app browser, multidivision support, QR code scanner and automatic message delete to its platform soon, but the information related to the launch of these features is not available yet.

So far, WhatsApp users are able to log in to their WhatsApp account on only one device. WhatsApp is logged out of the first device as soon as it logs into another device. According to Web Beta Info, WhatsApp’s search by date feature is in the testing zone. This feature will be first introduced for iPhone users. It is expected that the company will soon launch this feature for common users.

Search for current chat and group chat

In addition, upcoming features include improvements to the new chat search. WhatsApp is working on allowing users to find current chat and group chat by date. This will help you find the specific conversations and media information you are looking for in a chat. WhatsApp’s forward search by date feature will appear in the message box in a calendar icon. Here users will be able to search any message by choosing the date according to their own.

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WhatsApp is going to give users the ability to clear entire chats and keep only starred messages in future. Next you want to keep some important chats which are starred and do not want to keep the rest, then you will be able to clear the entire chat and keep only the starred messages. While WhatsApp is working on another new feature for its users, after this feature comes, you will be able to add any new contacts by scanning the QR code. Users will be able to show their contact QR codes and will be able to edit them through other QR codes.

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