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‘Ksauti Zindagi Ki’ fame shows signs of corona in the four-year-old Saraf, the actress is wandering about the test in Delhi


Coronavirus is growing rapidly in India as well as in many countries around the world. According to reports, the virus, which has spread in more than 180 countries, has so far claimed more than 4.25 lakh lives. More than 76 lakh people have been infected worldwide. This figure is increasing everyday. Meanwhile, the TV serial ‘Kasauti Zindagi Ke’ fame actress Chari Saraf has also been found to be Corona positive. Not only this, after the Corona symptoms have come, the actress has written an open letter, making many serious allegations on Delhi hospitals. Charavi said that even after going to government and private hospitals, he could not get the testing kit.

According to Charavi Saraf, despite having symptoms of corona virus, he has to go to court to get tested. She is currently in Delhi where she has sought help from many hospitals and doctors, but all of them have flatly refused them. Charivi, who has been seen in the popular TV show Kasauti Zindagi Ki, has written an open letter to Pinkvilla, expressing her displeasure. He told that he has high fever, body ache, difficulty in breathing, throat pain and headache. These are all symptoms of corona and they have been troubled ever since it was detected.

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He told in his note that he has to struggle to get his test done. He told how he himself had to call the hospital and the doctors, but all the efforts have failed because no one is ready to help. Charivi told his pain that it was going on in my mind earlier that my Kovid test should be done in some way, but I did not know that it is a big task in Delhi to get corona tested. The actress said, “I just want someone to come and do my tests and I am no longer in a position to go to the hospital and get my tests done.”

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The actress also told that the corona virus helpline is full for the next week. Charvi questioned the statements of the Delhi government and said that earlier there were some rumors that the government had a lot of test kits, but I have to admit that all this is a lie. If a person is having so much difficulty in getting the corona test done, then I do not know how the Delhi government will help the people here.

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