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Foreign investors made net investment of over Rs 23,600 crore in February


Foreign investors made net investment of over Rs 23,600 crore in February 1

New Delhi. In the second month of the year, foreign portfolio investors have made tremendous investments in the Indian stock market and bond market. According to experts, FPI has invested more than Rs 25700 crore amid positive perception about the general budget and the companies’ third quarter results being good. Let us also tell you how much foreign investors have invested in the stock market and bond market.

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Foreign investors invested so much
Foreign portfolio investors have invested more in February than in January. According to the figures, a net investment of Rs 23,663 crore has been made in Indian stock markets. According to the depository data, during February 1-26, FPIs netted Rs 25,787 crore in shares, but they have withdrawn Rs 2,124 crore from the debt or bond market. Thus his net investment in the Indian market stood at Rs 23,663 crore.

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More than in january
If you talk in comparison to January, then you have invested more in February. Last month, FPI netted Rs 14,649 crore in Indian markets. According to experts, the main reason for the flow of FPI this month was the general budget and good quarterly results of companies. On the other hand, in the US, 10-year bonds got higher profits, due to which the flow of FPIs has slowed down. The yield on US 10-year bonds is an important contributor to capital flows. The yield on bonds is increasing due to inflation. This will slow down the flow of capital.


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