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From June 1, the businessmen opposed to the hallmarking of gold jewelery, said that the law should apply after these changes


Bullion and Jewelers Association chairman Yogesh Singhal says that compulsory hallmarking should be postponed for a year i.e. by 1 June 2022. So that in this era of corona epidemic, businessmen have no problem. Due to Corona, the trader’s previous stock has not been cleared yet. The government should form a high-level committee to address the objections and apprehensions of traders in this one year time.

Why Hallmarking at Every Level

Singhal says a 5-tier system of wholesaler, suppliers, manufacturers, artisans, retailers to produce gold jewelery works, but if the government asks everyone to get gold hallmarking, then their paperwork will increase, more staff will be required and cost will also increase. Will increase. This will be a step to encourage Inspector Raj. Hallmarking is only required at one level and only to ensure that customers get the goods with hallmark. If artisans or jobworkers also do hallmarking, then they will be ruined.

The onus of purity is on the lab …

Singhal also says that if the retailer makes hallmarking on the gold jewelery with the Bureau of Indian Standards, then the responsibility of giving the guarantee of its purity (Gold Karat Fineness) should be on the same BIS lab or agency. Why should its accountability be passed on to jewelers? It is also wrong to put the responsibility of registering hallmarking for everyone.

Government should increase the number of labs

Singhal also said that the government is taking the Hallmarking Registration Fees from 11 thousand to 80 thousand rupees (Jewelers Hallmark Registration Fees). But hallmarking labs are yet to open in the entire country. BIS has such centers only in 234 districts in 745 districts. If the jewelers will take all the jewelry to the remote lab, then who will take responsibility for their safety. If any jewelery is lost in the lab, what will be the arrangement on this? The government should clarify all these things first.

Who will take the responsibility of safeguarding the ornaments …

According to Singhal, hallmarking on any one gold item can take up to 6-8 hours. In such a situation, if there will not be labs everywhere (BIS Lab), then the work load on it will increase significantly. In such a situation, it will be very difficult for the customers to deliver the jewelry on time. This will cause difficulties to customers of gold jewelers as well as customers. There will be long lines for hallmarking. It will be difficult for the small businessmen of the villages and towns to do business.

20 carat jewelery also approved

Gold traders also believe that 14, 18 and 22, along with 20 carat (Gold Hallmark 14, 18, 22 Carat) jewelery, should also be allowed to be manufactured and hallmarked. The demand for 20 carat jewelery is also very much in the market.

Hallmark registration campaign …

The Bureau of Indian Standards has so far registered only less than 10 percent (30-35 thousand) of the total jewelers. In such a situation, before making hallmarking mandatory, all jewelers should be registered first by running a special campaign.

Traders were not taken into confidence …

According to Singhal, with regard to Gold Hallmark Purity
Exercise has been going on since 2008, but a law has been made without taking the industry into confidence. There is a provision of penalty up to 5 times of the stock and punishment of 1 year, but no care has been taken to protect the interests of the traders.

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