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GoAir’s summer sale starts from today, 5 kg luggage will not be charged


GoAir's summer sale starts from today, 5 kg luggage will not be charged 1

New Delhi. The ‘summer sale’ scheme of the airline GoAir has started from today. Booking for this scheme to make people fly at an economical rate will start from 22 March ie today and till 26 March. In this offer, while the duration of flight booking will be only five days, the duration of the journey will be from 22 March to 30 June and special facilities will be provided to the passengers during this period. According to the statement issued by the airline, these facilities have been prepared after analyzing the needs of the customers.

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No charge up to 5 kg of luggage
The airline said that the first and most important thing in these facilities is that passengers can carry the weight of the luggage they carry with them 5 kg more than the prescribed weight. For this, they will not have to pay any additional fee. It has been observed that customers face additional challenge of excess baggage and this season is an ideal option for them to carry extra baggage.

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No charge for revision of date
According to the airline, customers will also be given the facility that if they want to amend the date in their tickets, they will get the benefit and they will not have to pay any fee for it. “This facility will enable our esteemed customers to plan and revisit their summer travel and plan again.” In addition, the airline has waived the facility fee for customers who book their tickets through all the airline’s direct channels (the airline’s website).

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