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Gold and silver became cheaper due to vaccine news, prices fell so much after Diwali


Gold and silver became cheaper due to vaccine news, prices fell so much after Diwali 1

new Delhi. The corona virus vaccine has been in the news for the past one week after Diwali. After this, there has been a tremendous decline in the price of gold and silver in the international market. Which has also impacted India’s futures market. Since the special trading in the Indian futures market on the day of Diwali, gold has become cheaper by more than Rs 800 per ten gram until the market closed on Friday. While the price of silver has seen a drop of around Rs 1800 per kg. According to experts, in the coming week, the effect of the vaccine can be seen more in the price of gold and silver.

Gold and silver in foreign markets
If you talk about the foreign market Comex first, on the last trading day of the week gold rose by 11 dollars to 1878.20 dollar per onus. Whereas in this trading week, Sola lost below $ 1850 an ons. On November 13, gold had closed at $ 1887.72 an ons. Talking about silver, on Friday, even though the price of silver has seen a rise of more than 1 percent, while the silver had fallen below $ 24 an ons last week. On November 13, silver was trading at $ 24.68 an ons. According to experts, the price of gold and silver will depend on the vaccine report itself.

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Gold in futures market cheaper by Rs 820
At the same time, if you talk about the price of gold in the Indian futures market, then compare it on Diwali day, on the day of November 14, gold reached the highest level of Rs 51,080 per ten grams. While the market closed on Friday, the closing price was at Rs 50,260 per ten grams. That is, gold has become cheaper by Rs 820 per ten grams during ten years.

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Silver prices also fall
At the same time, there has been a tremendous decline in the futures market if we do silver. On November 14, the maximum price of silver was Rs 64,038 per kg. On November 20, the closing price of silver was seen at Rs 62,260 per kg. If you talk about a week’s fall, then 1778 rupees per kg has been seen.

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What do you know
Anuj Gupta, deputy vice president (commodity and research), Angel Broking, said that gold and silver prices will be decided on the basis of Corona vaccine report in the coming week. On the other hand, it has to be seen that what kind of havoc the corona virus is getting. In fact some countries in Europe have a lockdown. Due to which gold is still made at the level of 50 to 51 thousand rupees. In the coming days, prices of gold and silver can also be seen at this level.


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