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Gold and silver from New York to New Delhi became cheaper due to improving health of trumps


Gold and silver from New York to New Delhi became cheaper due to improving health of trumps 1

new Delhi. The positive news of the US President’s health has once again brought global markets to a halt, on the other hand, the gold and silver gossam has faded. On the US futures market Comex, gold has fallen below $ 1900 an ons. While Chadi has also slipped from $ 24. The effect of which is also being seen on India’s futures market. Despite the decline in gold, gold remains at the level of 50 thousand, while silver prices have come down to 61 thousand. And is seeing a fall of Rs 750 per kg. Let us also tell you how cheap gold and silver have become from New York to New Delhi.

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Gold and silver became cheaper in the US market
First of all, talk about the US futures market Comex, both gold and silver are rolled. First of all, then once again gold has come down from $ 1900 an ons. Talking about the figures, it is trading at $ 1898.60 per ons, with a decline of $ 9 per onus. On the other hand, silver is trading at $ 23.94 an ons, down 0.37 percent. Both gold and silver may become cheaper in the coming days.

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Gold in Indian futures market
At the same time, the price of gold is seen in the Indian futures market. Gold is trading at Rs 50135 per ten gram, falling by Rs 435 per ten grams at 12.35 pm. Whereas gold reached Rs 50,030 per ten gram during its trading session. Today, gold prices fell by more than Rs 300 to open at Rs 50,230 per ten grams, compared to the previous trading day at 9 am.

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Silver prices also fall
At the same time, if we talk about silver in the Indian futures market, there is a decline. At 12.40 pm, the price of silver is trading down by Rs 600 to Rs 60,553 per kg. Whereas during its trading session reached a low of Rs 60,259 per kg. While today silver was down by about Rs 400 to open at Rs 60,737 per kg.


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