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Gold and silver from New York to New Delhi become expensive, know how much the price


Gold and silver from New York to New Delhi become expensive, know how much the price 1

new Delhi. On the first Monday of the year, there is a tremendous rise in the price of gold and silver all over the world. From New York to New Delhi, gold and silver prices are seeing an increase of 2 to 3 percent. The reason for this is the new strain of Corona and the number of people who died from Corona in the US crossed 3.51 lakh. According to experts, the price of gold and silver is increasing due to Corona’s stress. Gold and silver may intensify in the coming days. Let us also tell you at what rate gold and silver is trading from New York to New Delhi.

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Tremendous increase in the price of gold in New York
First of all, the COMEX market of New York is currently trading at $ 1926.60 per ons, with a gain of $ 31.50 per ons. Whereas in the European market, gold is trading at 1568.63 euros per ons with 14.49 euros per ons. In the British market, the price of gold is trading at 1404.84 pounds per ounce with a rise of 14.86 pounds per ounce.

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Silver also shines in foreign markets
On the other hand, when it comes to silver, there is a tremendous shine in foreign markets as well. COMEX is seeing a rise of about 3% in the price of silver. After which the price is trading at $ 27.16 an ons. The European market is trading at 22.05 euros per ons, up 2 per cent. In the UK, silver is trading up 2.25 per cent at 19.75 pounds per ounce.

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Gold became costlier on multi-commodity exchange
Currently, gold is trading at Rs 582 per ten grams at Rs 50,826 per ten grams at 11:27 am.
Today, gold also reached Rs 50,892 per ten grams in a two-hour trading session.
Whereas today gold rose by Rs 56 per ten gram to open at Rs 50,300 per ten gram.
– Earlier, after the end of trading session on January 1, gold had closed at Rs 50,244 per ten grams.

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Silver reached 70 thousand in local market
Currently, silver is trading at Rs 69,503 per kg with a gain of Rs 1380 per kg at 11.12 am.
While today silver reached Rs 70,259 per kg during the trading session.
Earlier, today silver rose by about Rs 270 per kg to open at Rs 68,499 per kg.
After the futures market closed on January 1, silver came down to Rs 68,123 per kg.

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