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Gold and silver price: new price of gold and silver has come, know how much cheaper


Gold and silver price: new price of gold and silver has come, know how much cheaper 1

new Delhi. Even after the arrival of Corona’s new strain, the price of gold and silver has seen an increase, in the same way, there is a decline in prices. There has been a decline in the price of gold and silver in all the markets of the world. Today, on Wednesday also the price of gold and silver has come down. Gold is trading around 50 thousand rupees in the Indian futures market. While silver is trading at the level of 66 thousand rupees. Talking about foreign markets, gold and silver are trading flat in New York, London and European markets.

Condition of foreign markets
Firstly, if we talk about foreign markets, the price of gold is flat. According to Indian time, gold is trading at $ 1871 per onus in New York at 10.45 am. Whereas a few days ago had crossed the $ 1900 level. While in European markets, gold is trading at 1532.66 euros ons and in London at 1394 pounds per ons. While talking about the price of silver, it is trading at a flat level of $ 25.45 in New York, 20.82 euros in Europe and £ 18.93 per ons in London.

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Gold becomes cheaper in India
At the same time, if we talk about the Indian futures market, there is a slight decline in the price of gold. Currently, it is trading at Rs 50,049 per ten grams, falling by Rs 32 at 10.45 pm. Whereas gold today opened at Rs 50,042 per ten grams. At the same time the day’s low was Rs 50,020 per kg. While gold closed at Rs 50,081 per ten grams on Tuesday night at 11:30.

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Silver prices also fall
On the other hand, the price of silver is also falling. In the Indian futures market, silver was trading at Rs 66,700 per kg, down by Rs 170 at 10.45 am. While today silver opened at Rs 66,687 per kg. 66,605 per kg with the day’s low had also gone. If we talk about Tuesday, the price of silver was closed at Rs 66,871 per kg.


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