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Gold becomes cheaper by more than 11 thousand rupees during the wedding season, know the price


Gold becomes cheaper by more than 11 thousand rupees during the wedding season, know the price 1

New Delhi. For those who were planning to buy gold before marriage, there is great news. Gold has become the cheapest in 9 months. Today, gold fell below 45 thousand rupees on the Multi Commodity Index. In the international market, gold prices are hovering around $ 1700 per ons. According to experts, there is an environment of decline in gold due to the rise in the dollar. By the way, this decline is not going to last long. Soon the price of gold can be seen.

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Gold and silver became cheaper in domestic markets
Presently, gold is trading at Rs 45108 per ten gram, falling by Rs 200 per ten gram in the futures market. Whereas today gold had gone down to a 9-month low of Rs 44984 per ten grams. By the way, gold was opened today at Rs 45066 per ten grams. Gold has become cheaper by Rs 11,200 per ten grams from the August high. On the other hand, silver is currently trading at Rs 67763 per kg with a fall of Rs 1037 per kg. Whereas during the trading session, it had touched a low of 67512 rupees.

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Gold became cheaper in foreign markets
There has been a big fall in the price of gold in foreign markets as well. Comex gold futures are trading at $ 1710.60 per ons, down by $ 12.40. While Gold Spot is trading at $ 1715.57 per ons, with a decline of $ 9.47 per ons. While silver futures are down by 2 per cent at $ 26.14 an ons. While the silver spot has seen a fall of 1.66 percent. Because of which the price has come down to $ 26.13 an ons.

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Decline due to rise in dollar
According to Kedia Advisory Director Ajay Kedia, there has been a tremendous rise in the dollar at the present time. The dollar is at a height of 3 weeks. Due to which there is a big fall in the price of gold and silver. This decline is not permanent. There is a season of weddings in the country and with the increase in demand, there is also an increase in the premium. Due to which gold can run faster in the coming days.


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