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New Normal: Country’s grocery stores going digital for fear of losing customers


New Normal: Country's grocery stores going digital for fear of losing customers 1

Kolkata. Grocery stores affected by the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic are moving rapidly towards digital to streamline their businesses. Most grocery stores have designed a system that allows customers to order and pay for goods via the Internet or an app, so as not to lose their customers to large e-commerce platforms. Over a million grocery stores have gone digital in the last few months due to increasing customer interest and their stores have online facilities such as accepting online payments, taking and supplying online orders, inventory management. This has been confirmed in the report of a recent study of SnapBiz conducted in ten cities of the country including Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. According to this report, about 75 percent of the grocery stores in the country are working towards going online.

Number of customers and home delivery increased –
According to the SnapBiz Devices Technology for Local Grocery Store study report, the number of customers of more than 80 percent of grocery stores has increased due to digitization. Home delivery also increased from 2020, with consumers prioritizing contactless shopping.

Access being made using the app-
Digital grocery stores are using online ordering apps and digital payment apps to provide instant service to their consumers. For this reason the banking sector’s role in the grocery store ecosystem is increasing, but there is a decline in payments through credit or debit cards.

Changes coming with the times –
& Grocery shops are changing themselves rapidly with changing times. Providing online facilities such as online payment, order taking, supply and inventory management. These services enable them to easily acquire new customers who want to avoid getting infected with Corona.
– Prem Kumar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SnapBiz

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