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Government orders closure of 1178 Twitter accounts, you will remain the reason


Government orders closure of 1178 Twitter accounts, you will remain the reason 1

new Delhi. The Government of India has issued a new notice directing Twitter to block 1,178 accounts as it is feared that these accounts are either sympathetic to the Khalistan or supported by Pakistan. According to sources, this new notice was sent to Twitter on Thursday last week, but no action has been taken on it from the company so far.

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Instructions were given to block 257 accounts
In the beginning of the month amid protests by farmers in the country, the Ministry of Information and Technology had directed Twitter to block 257 accounts using the hashtagmodiplanningformergenoside under Section 69A of the IT Act.

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Twitter was warned
The Ministry of Electronics and IT also warned Twitter to take punitive action for not complying with the government’s order to block such accounts. With the hashtagmodiplanningformergenoside many things were put on social media, the government believes that they are intended to incite people and spread hatred.

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Twitter did not take any action
Citing the fact that Twitter has unblocked such accounts and tweets despite the government’s order, the notice stated that Twitter is an intermediary and is bound to follow the government’s order, but if so If not, then punitive action will be taken against it.

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