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Great chance to buy gold for wedding, cheap 2238 rupees in 13 days


Great chance to buy gold for wedding, cheap 2238 rupees in 13 days 1

New Delhi. As the wedding season approaches, the market is always warmer than the price of gold, but this is seen for the first time when the price of gold has fallen sharply. There has been a considerable decline in the price of gold for the past few months. Now as the Sahalag is getting closer, the good news is coming for those who get married because only in this month i.e. 13 days of March, gold is near 2238 rupees has become cheaper.

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Gold and silver traders are even saying that in the coming time, the prices of gold may fall further. Market experts believe that in the coming days, the price of gold can come to Rs 42500 per ten grams. In the last one week, the price of gold has fallen by about 183 rupees.

Gold became so cheap in March

Talking about the month of March, gold prices have fallen by Rs 2238 per 10 grams so far. At the same time, gold prices have fallen by about Rs 5870 since January. Now when weddings are about to start in April, there is good news for those who are going to get married in their house this season. This is a big opportunity for them as gold prices have come down from their maximum price of Rs 11,922.

The reason for the fall in gold prices

According to experts, many reasons are coming due to the fall in gold prices. The 2.5% reduction in import duty in the budget is directly impacting the gold and silver market. At the same time, the second reason was the strong rise in bitcoin prices. The main reason for this was that people were withdrawing money from gold investment and investing in other places. A lot of money was invested in bitcoin. Due to which the brightness of gold has also faded.

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