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Growth in Top Cryptocurrencies Over Last Week


Good news to all the crypto investors as there has been slight growth in the top cryptocurrencies. As of Saturday, Bitcoin (BTC) approached to around Rs 279987 ($ 4000) mark according to Coin360 data.

BTC price rises last week - top cryptocurrencies

Looking at the last week report, the price has grown by 3 percent. From Rs.269488 ($ 3850) to Rs. 279987 ($ 4000). Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square has indicated that he ended up spending $10,000 per week on the podcast. Ethereum is still holding the second position with a market cap of $14.4 billion. Ripple (XRP) stands third with a market cap of $ 13 billion. In last week Ethereum seems to have increased by 2.5 percent. Ripple price has just gained over a third of a percent.

Bitcoin price

Ethereum World News, the popular Twitter commentator, took up a bet with Leah Wald, a cryptocurrency trader that subscribes to Tyler Jenks’ Hyperwave theory. Wald believes that BTC will hit $1,500 before $6,500, while Filb, the prolific trader is sure that more likely than not, the asset reaching those levels are near-impossible. Thus, Wald and Filb both put up one BTC as a wager.

Although Bitcoin has been growing steadily over the past week, analysts still expect it to incur greater selling pressure shortly.

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