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Hand Sanitisers will not be priced down, will have to pay 18 percent GST


Hand Sanitisers will not be priced down, will have to pay 18 percent GST 1

New Delhi: Due to CORONAVIRUS, hand sanitizers have also become a necessity for everyone. In such a situation, the price of Hand Sanitiser has become a topic of discussion continuously. Even many sanitizer manufacturers ask the finance minister many times on hand sanitizer instead of 18 per cent GST (18 per cent) GST on Hand Sanitiser).

Traders believe that hand sanitizer is used in medical works, due to which it would be appropriate to impose a GST of 12% on it. Even till last month, manufacturers were giving GST less than 12% by showing the hand sanitizer in the medical category. The Central Economic Intelligence Bureau informed the GST Authority about this. Since then, the GST rate on hand sanitizer has become a matter of debate, but today the Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) has said to impose GST at 18 per cent on alcohol based handsetizers.

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The Authority for Advance Ruling (AAR) states that since hand sanitizers have been placed in the category of Essential Commodity, due to this, GST of 18 per cent (18 per cent GST on Hand Sanitiser) will be imposed. That is, if you were hoping that the price of sanitizer would be low, then let us tell you that nothing like this will happen at the moment. The authority clarified its point and said that the items which have been exempted from GST have different categories.

Let us tell you that the demand for hand sanitizer in our country has increased due to Corona virus. With this, no corona vaccine has been produced for Corona yet, due to which the WHO-mentioned face mask (FACE MASK) and handsetizer are considered as the best way to keep the virus away. In such a situation, sales of hand sanitizers will continue continuously for some time to come.


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